About Oliver Weber

Oliver Weber is a luxury range of designer fashion jewellery made only with Swarovski Element crystals.  This premium Austrian brand has an exemplary pedigree and an enviable reputation for manufacturing quality and design integrity.

It is the eponymous brand of a former international sports star who became a fashion jewellery entrepreneur. Like many children in Austria, Oliver began skiing at the very young age of three. After winning the Tyrolean Junior Championships, he was given the chance to study at the famous Ski High School Stams in Tyrol. Three years of representing Austria in the European Cup and World Cup teams led Oliver to turn professional and join the U.S. and Japanese tour for six years, where he became the youngest race winner at the time.

However, at the age of twenty-seven he turned his back on professional skiing, attended university and then joined Swarovski, the world leader in sharp-cut crystal. His vision of developing an innovative jewellery collection began three years later when he founded the company, Westacrystal GmbH, together with another senior Swarovski executive, Alexander Stabinger, and the Oliver Weber brand of designer jewellery took off and has enjoyed phenomenal, world wide growth over the last 20 years.

Whilst the jewellery is still at the heart of the collection, other compatible product ranges have been developed with equal attention paid to the quality of materials and manufacturing excellence as well as the all-important design input, and the continuation of the exclusive use of Swarovski Element crystals integrated into the process